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This time though she began to slowly move her hips back and forth on my lap. "You don't have to work Mom, I've got enough money to support us." "But I like working honey, it gives me something to do. "What is it Mom, just tell me now," I quickly replied, concerned. I tried to take my mind off it by checking the job offers I'd received in previous days. It was an accountancy firm I'd had a lot of dealings with in the past and was quite well acquainted with the owners.At this rate breakfast could have gone on all day (and I would've been happy with that) but Mom had to get to work and I needed to cum. Which reminds me, there's also something else I have to do." Her expression changed and a noticeably troubled look came upon her face. When I get home, we need to talk." When you're in a relationship with someone, the four words you least like to hear are surely, "we need to talk." My mind began racing with thoughts as to what she meant. I made a call and next thing I was being offered sweeteners just to be interviewed by them.Depending on what my mother had to "talk to me" about, I was pretty sure she would love to be my date and I accepted his offer to discuss the job over dinner. "I decided I'd clean up your room a little whist you were away, just change the sheets, do your laundry, that kind of thing.When my mother returned home that afternoon I was relaxing on the couch watching television. When I lifted your pillow Daniel I found a pair of my panties." Oh shit, there it was. Nearly twenty years later I was feeling the embarrassment like it was yesterday.The horrible thought that she was in fact putting an end to us, made me momentarily nauseous. Go ahead, I'm listening." "Well it's about when all this started." I knew what she meant by "this", meaning the incest. "Wait Daniel, let me finish." She paused then continued."Daniel don't, we need to talk about something." She looked more concerned than this morning. I just want to be totally honest with you and have no secrets. "As I held them I realized what they were doing there, what you were doing with them and the thought excited me.I took hold of her waist and lowered her down onto my waiting cock and we were one. We just sat there as if it was the normal way to sit at a table. "Hmm, maybe you'd like a little sample first." I watched mesmerized as she took her index finger and ran it across the top of the slice, scooping up a large amount of the golden honey. I held her buttocks with both hands and lowered my mouth down onto her nipple, first licking the majority of the stickiness from her then sucking each in turn to remove all trace.

Her eyes would alternate between staring deep into mine, then fixating on my hand, pumping on my ever-stiff penis.***** I awoke naked and alone in my mother's bed to a morning well advanced. My eyes were drawn to a pair of pink and black satin panties discarded on the mattress and upon reaching for them I was alerted to the aches in my muscles from the sex the previous day. When I sheepishly asked if I could masturbate whilst she tried on the items she told me she'd be honored, saying "An erection is the sincerest form of flattery Daniel! She had been so keen to try on all the new lingerie and clothing I'd purchased for her and I of course was more than eager to watch.Jets of fluid splashed from between her fapping fingers and soaked the sheets between us.The moment sent me over the edge and holding my breath to intensify the orgasm I came as well, shooting copious hot cum across my stomach and chest.

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